Economics: A Student's Guide By Greg Forster, Series edited by David S. Dockery

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We live in a world full of economic troubles.

This book spells out principles outlined in Scripture and economic theory as it affects the church. It gives a picture of how economic systems, theory, and policy so we can better steward what God has given us. 

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Greg Forster

Greg Forster (PhD, Yale University) serves as the director of the Oikonomia Network at the Center for Transformational Churches at Trinity International University. He is a senior fellow at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, the editor of the blog Hang Together, and a frequent conference speaker.

Format: Paperback
Page Count: 128

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Table of Contents

Series Preface

  1. The Economy: How We Steward the World Together
  2. Justice and Mercy: Key Scriptural Teachings for Economic Arrangements
  3. The Ancient Crisis: From Natural to Supernatural Economics
  4. The Medieval Crisis: From Conventional to Reforming Economics
  5. The Modern Crisis: From Static to Dynamic Economics
  6. Economic Idols and Economic Wisdom: From Ideological Captivity to Theological Transformation

Questions for Reflection
Resources for Further Study
General Index
Scripture Index

“What’s so great about economics? When we understand economics better, we understand God better, we understand ourselves better, and we understand each other better. But more than that, we begin to grasp how God intends for us to serve him—and each other—in the economic realm. According to Greg Forster, we are participants in the economic realm at every single moment of our lives. Your choices about where to eat or what toothbrush to buy may seem mundane, but Forster wants you to see them as deeply profound. When you begin to see yourself in relation to the created order, as Forster argues that you should, economics becomes no ‘dismal science’; instead it becomes the most hopeful social science there is!”
Victor V. Claar, BB&T Distinguished Professor of Free Enterprise and Associate Professor of Economics, Florida Gulf Coast University; coauthor, Economics in Christian Perspective

“Forster weaves together a masterful account of economic and intellectual history with a deep understanding of the theological issues facing modern Christians.”
P. J. Hill, Professor of Economics Emeritus, Wheaton College

“In this short book, Forster accomplishes what far larger economics books fail to achieve, by laying out a theological, moral, and historical foundation for economics. He leaves the technical details to others and instead gives his readers an approachable introduction to human agency, cooperation, and well-being, while also providing a tour through economic and intellectual history. The result is a perfect complement to an economics or business education, or an excellent guide to economics for those in the humanities. I want all my students to read this book.”
Steven McMullen, Associate Professor of Economics, Hope College; Executive Editor, Faith & Economics