Bible and Strategic Warfare

Bible and Strategic Warfare

Posted by Elisha Lee on 29th Jun 2020

Old TestamentGod’s Word is known to contain words of peace, love, and reconciliation. While that is true, there are also references of strategy in taking over new territories. Even as the Israelites … read more


Posted by Elisha Lee on 22nd Jun 2020

Jericho is a city studied by both historians and Bible scholars. It has been one of the longest in existence countries in the world. It is north of the Dead Sea and west of the Jordan River. The wa … read more

The Omnipotence of God

Posted by Elisha Lee on 15th Jun 2020

What is a Word?I like to study words. I am fascinated by the nature of the word and how it is broken up. I have often found that doing a study of a word gives me a greater appreciation of what the w … read more
Read the Bible in 3 Easy Steps

Read the Bible in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Elisha Lee on 8th Jun 2020

Reading God’s Word provides instruction, wisdom, peace, and helps put things in correct alignment. When speaking with others, I have been told that they want to read the Bible but are unsu … read more
Samson and Archeology Digs

Samson and Archeology Digs

Posted by Elisha Lee on 4th Jun 2020

Killing a Lion with Bare HandsDiscoveries made in the Middle East could prove the existence of Samson in the Bible. If you would recall, Samson was a judge and can be found in the bo … read more