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180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety: Devotions for Women

Barbour Publishing

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Carey Scott
August 1, 2021
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Introducing "180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety" by Carey Scott

With God's help, you can conquer anxiety! In "180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety," author Carey Scott presents a collection of scripture-based solutions to help readers identify and overcome the enemy of anxiety.

God's Word is alive and powerful, and within its pages lies timeless wisdom that speaks directly to the challenges we face today. Scott has carefully selected 180 verses that address anxiety, providing readers with a powerful arsenal to combat their fears.

Each verse is accompanied by a devotional thought that offers practical guidance and uplifting encouragement. As you delve into this book, you will discover the sustaining power of scripture and learn to lean on it, no matter what you may be facing. Your heart will be anchored to the unshakeable foundation of faith, finding strength and renewal in every page.

"180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety" is a compact book that serves as a personal pick-me-up, making it an ideal gift for those in need of encouragement. It is also a valuable resource for ministries and outreach programs, offering hope and guidance to individuals seeking freedom from anxiety.

Embark on a transformative journey as you engage with the scriptures within these pages. Experience the peace that surpasses all understanding and discover the path to a worry-free life through the power of God's Word.

Grab your copy of "180 Bible Verses for Conquering Anxiety" today and embark on a faith-filled journey toward freedom and peace of mind.