January 2023 Author of the Month - Giji M Dennard

January 2023 Author of the Month - Giji M Dennard

2nd Jan 2023

Join Glory to Glory Christian Store in congratulating Giji M Dennard as our Author of the Month!

Giji is the author of the books Hungry for Wholeness and Strange Fruit. Hungry for Wholeness is a book that touches on the relationship between Father/ Child Relationship. She was a guest on the Elisha’s Space podcast where she further discusses finding restoration within the Father Wound and what that can look like. You can hear the podcast on this link:

Father Wound

She has shared the message of Hungry for Wholeness as the opening keynote speaker for two Father-Shift Conferences, a visiting speaker at churches, and as a guest on several podcasts and radio broadcasts. Giji has also developed a workshop with the same title where she helps wounded sons, daughters, and fathers begin the healing process.

Giji’s second book, Strange Fruit, is a digital devotional that provides accountability to produce Kingdom fruit in your life. This book challenges the reader to cultivate the fruit of wise choices, righteousness, compassion, and other fruit the believer should be bearing. You will also explore books, songs, and movies that will help to deepen your Christian walk. There are also six calls to action that will motivate you in being a doer of the Word versus a spectator. This book is the spiritual reset you have been looking for.

Glory to Glory Christian Store will be hosting the relaunch of this e-book at our Spiritual Fitness Challenge on Monday, January 30, at 6:00 PM at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center in Columbia, MD. This devotional will both challenge and encourage you to live your best life within your Christian walk. You can reserve to attend the event at this link:

Spiritual Fitness Challenge

Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, Giji is a graduate of Howard University (B.A., Print Journalism) and Stanford Law School (J.D.). She has been an avid reader, with a preference for non-fiction since grade school. Amid the process of starting her own catering and event planning business in northern California, as author, artist, and chef, Giji wrote, designed, and self-published a 151-recipe cookbook entitled Feasts Fit for a King: Food for the Body & Soul, which includes practical kitchen tips and biblical wisdom on Kingdom living. Hungry for Wholeness is her second publication, and she just released the 2nd edition this spring.

Giji has been a lay leader in college campus ministry with ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship on the East and West Coasts for over 35 years. She currently resides in Montgomery County, Maryland, and earlier this year launched a digital devotional – STRANGE FRUIT: A Paradigm for Changing the World by Our Choices. Through her business ministry –WELL fed Resources-- Giji provides products and services to help you be WELL, live WELL, and eat WELL.

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Hungry For Wholeness: A Call to Pursue Healing and Restoration in Your Father Child Relationship

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How to Contact Giji:

Website: www.wellfedresources.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WELLfedResources

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wellfedresources/