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Christian Higher Education: Faith, Teaching, and Learning in the Evangelical Tradition


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Christian Higher Education
David S. Dockery, Christopher W. Morgan
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November 30, 2018
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Our world is growing increasingly complex and confused―a unique and urgent context that calls for a grounded and fresh approach to Christian higher education.

Christian higher education involves a distinctive way of thinking about teaching, learning, scholarship, curriculum, student life, administration, and governance that is rooted in the historic Christian faith.

In this volume, twenty-nine experts from a variety of fields, including theology, the humanities, science, mathematics, social science, philosophy, the arts, and professional programs, explore how the foundational beliefs of Christianity influence higher education and its disciplines. Aimed at equipping the next generation to better engage the shifting cultural context, this book calls students, professors, trustees, administrators, and church leaders to a renewed commitment to the distinctive work of Christian higher education―for the good of the society, the good of the church, and the glory of God.


  • Bruce Ashford, Paul Bialek, Peter Cha, Thomas Cornman, Gene C. Fant Jr., Nathan Finn, Chris Firestone, Greg Forster, Bradley Gundlach, Donald Guthrie, George H. Guthrie, Don Hedges, Katherine Jeffery, Eric Johnson, Steve Kang, John Kilner, Russ Kosits, Glenn Marsch, Laurie Matthias, Chrystal Ho Pao, David W. Pao, Timothy L. Smith, Felix Theonugraha, Micah Watson, John D. Woodbridge, Taylor Worley, Karen A. Wrobbel.