Marriage: 6 Gospel Commitments Every Couple Needs to Make


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Marriage is a journey that brings joy as well as challenges. A marriage that last has to be grounded in something sturdier than romance, it needs to be grounded in the Word of God. In this book, the author encourages couples to make biblical commitments to each other as well as to the Lord. It includes appreciating how God created your partner, building trust, and walking in forgiveness to help build a healthy and happy marriage.

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Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp (DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a pastor, award-winning author, and international conference speaker. He has written numerous books, including the bestseller New Morning Mercies. His nonprofit ministry exists to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. Tripp lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Luella, and they have four grown children.

Table of Contents

Preface to the 2021 Edition

Chapter 1: What Did You Expect?
Chapter 2: Reason to Continue
Chapter 3: Whose Kingdom?
Chapter 4: Day by Day

Commitment 1: We will give ourselves to a regular lifestyle of confession and forgiveness.

Chapter 5: Coming Clean: Confession
Chapter 6: Canceling Debts

Commitment 2: We will make growth and change our daily agenda.

Chapter 7: Pulling Weeds
Chapter 8: Planting Seeds

Commitment 3: We will work together to build a sturdy bond of trust.

Chapter 9: Sticking Out Your Neck
Chapter 10: Someone to Be Trusted 

Commitment 4: We will commit to building a relationship of love.

Chapter 11: All You Need Is Love
Chapter 12: Ready, Willing, and Waiting

Commitment 5: We will deal with our differences with appreciation and grace.

Chapter 13: Amazing Grace
Chapter 14: Before Dark

Commitment 6: We will work to protect our marriage.

Chapter 15: Eyes Wide Open
Chapter 16: On Your Knees
Chapter 17:Worship, Work, and Grace

Special to the 2021 Edition

Chapter 18: The Gospel, Your Marriage, and Sex (Bonus Chapter)
Chapter 19: Ask Paul Tripp about Your Marriage (Bonus Chapter)

Study Guide


“Noël and I listened to most of this book driving in the car! Wise words. Authentic experience. Provocative application. Turned a long trip into a fruitful two-person marriage seminar.”
John Piper, Founder and Teacher,; Chancellor, Bethlehem College & Seminary; author, Desiring God

“When Paul Tripp teaches, preaches, or writes he does so through the lens of the gospel. In Marriage, Paul faithfully and brilliantly lets the gospel bear its weight on the messiness and beauty of marriage. I, personally, found the book to be helpful, and we use it extensively at the Village Church.”
Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church, Dallas, Texas; President, Acts 29 Church Planting Network; author, The Mingling of Souls and The Explicit Gospel 

“At once deeply theological and practically relevant, this is one of the top books on marriage I have ever read. Paul Tripp allows readers to examine marriage through a biblical lens so that we understand how God can graciously heal our hurting homes. As a pastor, I will implore our people to read this book as soon as it is available.”
Chris Brauns, Pastor, The Red Brick Church, Stillman Valley, Illinois; author, Unpacking ForgivenessBound Together; and When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search

“What I’ve come to expect from Paul Tripp is consistently deep, transparent, biblical, wise, practical, gospel-driven counsel. Rather than muddying the water with self-focused strategies designed to meet our ever-multiplying needs, Paul, as the seasoned soul-physician he is, correctly diagnoses our problems and provides the cure—humble faith in Jesus Christ. I wasn’t disappointed. You won’t be either.”
Elyse Fitzpatrick, coauthor, Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women