Transformed by Truth: Why and How to Study the Bible for Yourself as a Teen

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As a teenager, I began to study God's Word and it altered my life. And it has the potential to alter your life as well.

The Bible is more than merely a religious text from the past. It is a book packed with the genuine words of the living God, intended to be read frequently and thoroughly so that we may experience its life-changing power.

If you're a teen who is tired of low expectations and meaningless platitudes, this book will help you dig into the Bible and make your reading time count for eternity. Katherine Forster guides you through three basic techniques that have changed the way she reads Scripture—observation, interpretation, and application—so that you, too, can begin to comprehend what God has said in his word and discover how God's truth can physically transform you from the inside out.

About the Author

Katherine Forster is a college student who serves as lead writer for, an online platform that reaches hundreds of thousands of Christian teens, parents, and youth workers. She is a spotlight member of the Young Writers Workshop and a National Bible Bee champion. She writes on the importance of serious Bible study for teens.